Phone & iPad Apps

Over the past few years I have been working with Adam Beaumont at Leafcutter Studios to produce a series of guitar tutor apps for Android Smart Phones, iPhone & iPad. Here is a list with links to iTunes & Google Play plus a brief description of each…

iPhone & Android

 Guitar Gym


Based on my Guitar Workout concept, Guitar Gym has a database of exercises to keep those fingers nimble! Assemble your own daily workout or let the app randomise a training programme for you. There are warm-ups, exercises to build stamina, enhance ear training and loads more. Click here for more info. Android users here.



Learn the fretboard using the legendary CAGED system! Just five shapes are all you need to unlock the secrets of scales and chords on the guitar neck. After studying the system, you’ll be able to find any chord or scale in any key instantly which will improve your chops as a guitarist. Click here for more info. Android users here.

Chord Coach


Everything you need to know about guitar chords in a single app. In just ten easy to follow lessons, you’ll learn how to form hundreds of chord shapes with interactive fretboards and even some cunning games to put your new skills to use. Never be short of a chord shape again! Click here for more info. Android users here.


iPhone & iPad Only

12 Bar Blues

12 bar blues


Have you heard the one about the minor pentatonic scale being all you need to know in order to come up with a good blues solo? Doesn’t work, does it? This app takes you through a 12 Bar Blues one bar at a time showing you what fits where. Interactive tab – hear a lick, see it and play it. Simple! Click here for more info.

A Guitarist’s Guide To Reading Music



Most guitarists avoid learning to read music like the plague. It’s difficult and it takes ages. But there are so many benefits to familiarising yourself with music’s basic communication tool – and you have to admit that tab is a far from perfect system! This app will set you on course for full fluency. Click here for more info.

The CAGED Fretboard

Caged Fret


An in-depth look at the infamous CAGED system and how it can turn your fretboard from a mysterious stick into a musical playground! Just five basic chord shapes are all you need to know in order to unlock the ability to form chords and play scales and solos in any key with no trouble at all. Click here for more info.


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